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is a re-creation service that helps people move forward with their lives when faced with the loss of a loved one, a divorce or when relocating or downsizing.

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Loss of a Loved One

During the initial consultation, I help you evaluate your needs and determine what direction you would like to proceed. I can do it with you or I can do it for you. I have developed a step by step process to help you move forward. Along with my design services, and my fostered relationships with grief and transition professionals, we help you move forward so you can fully engage in life again.

Divorce/End of a Relationship

During the initial consultation, I help you evaluate your needs and determine what direction you would like to proceed. I have developed a step by step re-creation process to help you move forward so you can re-invent yourself and your space. With my re-design services along with my fostered relationships with transition professionals, we help you re-create yourself so you can fully live life again.

From Independent Living to Assisted Living/Downsizing

During the initial consultation, I help you evaluate your needs and work through the step by step process to help you move forward. With my design services, I help you de-clutter your home to prepare it for sale then space plan the new residence. I guide you through the transition process to help you re-create yourself and re-design your space.

Step by Step Process:

Move Forward With Our Proven Step-by-Step Process
(Initial, 1 Hour Consultation: $75)


Step 1

Determine what is sentimental, select a few key pieces.

Step 2

Evaluate what’s valuable

Step 3

Decide if you’re staying in your current residence or will relocate.

Step 4

If you plan to stay then determine what to reduce, organize, re-arrange and finally re-design a new space that best suits your needs.

Step 5

If you plan to liquidate then reduce, re-purpose and de-clutter to make the space more sellable.

Trust Our Expert Team of Re-Creation Specialists

Helping individuals and families with new beginnings for over a decade, our qualified experts provide the helping hands you need to guide you through a smooth life-changing transition.

From caring evaluation consultants, transition specialists, grief counselors, in-home care and assisted living placement specialists, staging and moving professionals, exceptional space planning, de-clutter and interior design services — we can help you put the pieces in place or provide a full-service Re-Creation from start to completion of your new beginning! Find out more: Arizona Care Alliance

Having gone through a divorce, I was living in a mancave and didn’t really realize it. I hired Patricia to help me organize my space, as I am a hoarder. She helped me implement a system to help me overcome my hoarding and control my clutter. She also rearranged my furniture in my Living Room and Family Room, which has done wonders for the look and feel of the space. In my Living Room, she found a most comfortable couch and matching end tables that fit perfectly with my baby grand piano. In my Family Room, she found a terrific marble top coffee table and at my price point. My friends and family comment on it every time they visit. She made some suggestions on my positioning my art work and accessories that really offered a sense of class to what was once terribly boring. Her ideas were practical, affordable and effective. I would recommend her to anyone that’s looking for expert help in making their home more comfortable.
Russ Williams

Assistant Professor

After recently divorced I re-located myself to AZ, for a fresh start and expansion of my safety consulting business into the AZ market. In making this move I found I also needed help with my house making it into a home. So contracted with Patricia to help with my Interior – furniture selections, space planning, paint color selections including accent paint colors, re-arranged my fireman memorabilia & accessories, purchased new art, organized office, placed art.

She did such a great job with this that I contracted with her to help me with designing my backyard living space and she managed the project while I was away in Texas working on a long-term project. Patio cover, regrading backyard, installing artificial grass, pavers, outdoor furniture selections, and she designed my custom fireplace.

I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend her services to anyone.

Paul Latimer

Senior Safety Engineer, CHST

scottsdale, AZ

peoria, AZ

tempe, AZ

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