Paddy Rasmussen

Hi, I’m Paddy Rasmussen, Owner and Re-Creation Specialist of New Beginnings “Helping People Move Forward”. I am the natural mother of three children and step-mother of two children. After being a stay at home mom raising my children, I decided to go back to college in 2006 to get an Interior Design Bachelor of Arts degree from The Art Institute of Phoenix. I moved back to Arizona in 2007 with my family from California. My husband became ill late in 2008 and passed away from cancer in April of 2009. I became head of household, single mother of a twelve-year-old daughter and a fourteen-year-old son. My other children were adults by then. I was shocked and devastated that the almost perfect life that I had was taken away from me in a matter of a weekend finding out my true love had cancer on a Friday and passed away early Monday morning. Once my Academic Advisory learned of my tragedy, she recommended that I take the eleven-week quarter off from school. I told her “no” as I didn’t want to stay in a pity party and get depressed so I chose to return to school, two weeks after my husband passed away because I wanted to stay busy and finish my education. I knew that’s what my husband would want me to do. I graduated with honors in Spring of 2011. I have walked the journey of grief and have fostered relationships with grief and transition professionals so we can help others move forward with their lives after a loss of a loved one, divorce or from independent living into assisted living.

One of my physical outlets is yoga where I found a healthy stress reliever in practicing yoga on a regular basis. After being a yogi for almost ten years, I became a yoga instructor through Smart Flow in 2014 where I have my 200 hours of yoga certification. Currently I give private yoga instruction and cater to the needs of my students. Along with my yoga community, I have my faith always striving to believe in God’s plan. I tell people that He threw me a curve ball and His plan for me is to help others move forward with their lives. After working with other designers and doing regular Interior Design, I decided to follow my passion by becoming a re-creation specialist using my best skill sets in problem solving, organization and Interior Design services to help people truly and fully live their lives once again.

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